Is this a thing? I mainly play classic Retro stuff, so I'm not in the know.

I have all of the base model current generation consoles (Switch, PS4 Slim, XBONE S), but my XBONE S is pretty much untouched. I've played Song of the Deep (awesome game, BTW), Gear of War 4, and a few minutes of SineMora EX and Transformers Devastation, but that's it. I've played my Switch and PS4 Slim about 2000% more than than the XBONE, and am still fairly unfamiliar with the system.

So then, this whole game install thing. IS this the norm for AAA games on the XBONE? :^\

Gears' 4 was a digital download copy and I don't recall how long it took to install because I just started it and ignored the system for the weekend. It could have been an hour or a day, I don't know.

I just have a hard time believing that games have 12+ hour install times now. Please tell me that this is an anomaly. O_o