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Thread: Shoji Mizuno, Hudson Staff Member and Art Director for the Bomberman Series, Has Died

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    Unhappy Shoji Mizuno, Hudson Staff Member and Art Director for the Bomberman Series, Has Died

    Source 1:
    Shoji Mizuno, Hudson Soft staffer and longtime character designer/art director for the Bomberman series, has passed away (1960 - 2018).
    Source 2: (translated from Spanish):
    The creator of Bomberman passed away
    By: Erick Paz Villarroel | 06-11-18

    An unfortunate news has just arrived, because the designer of the character Bomberman, Shoji Mizuno recently. This was confirmed by his good friend and colleague Takahashi Meijin.

    Shoji Mizuno who was the one who created Bomberman , had a particular style that, away from manga style, to give his characters a more "Comic" style, as we saw in several of his creations, one of them was also Beyblade , being the main character designer.

    The past by several games of the time, like Adventure Island, who also was creator of Master Higgins , main character of this saga.

    Rest in Peace, and thank you very much for your great legacy, to create such an iconic character.

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    Bomberman series are great. Thank you.

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