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Thread: system designations

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    Default system designations

    Nintendo says that black colored cartridges that work on both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color slots are Game Boy Color games. I disagree with this. I think those are Game Boy games. The clear cartridges that do not work on the DMG Game Boy are Game Boy Color games, and I don't care what it says on the box.

    Speaking of which... 32x games that require the Sega CD... are those 32x games? Or sega CD games? I would say they are 32X CD games.

    and if we are going to have a seperate category for 32X stuff because those games don't work without the 32X add-on, shouldn't it also be that N64 games that don't work without the RAM expansion be designated as "N64 RAM expansion" titles? Is it much different from the 32X scenario?

    These are the questions that keep me up at night, tossing and turning.

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    I'm going strictly by shape and design, the dark GameBoy cartridges, are still GameBoy games. The clear cartridges are GBC games. You gotta milk and honey that shape son.

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    I've never considered the Game Boy Color a totally separate system to begin with. To me, it's just an enhanced Game Boy. In that way, I suppose GBC-exclusive games are sort of like N64 games that require the RAM expansion. For my own personal collection list, I just list all black & white Game Boy games, GBC-exclusive games, and games that can play on both mixed together in one list. Though, I can understand why things would be listed separately online when they're listing everything, as the black & white Game Boy library is already huge to begin with. It makes sense to list the GBC-compatible stuff separately just for the sake of avoiding a totally unwieldy list.

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