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Thread: Gun-nac (Compile, NES)

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    Smile Gun-nac (Compile, NES)

    This game is great, one of my favorites. It's a shmup, but it is one of the few shmups which I actually like. Then again, I expect that kind of quality from Compile, its developer. I got my copy during the Super Nintendo era when my grandmother bought it from a Blockbuster Video when that store was clearing out all of its 8-bit games, so my cart has a shiny silver Blockbuster sticker on the back.

    Gun-nac is crazy though in a good way. Everyday items start to go crazy and attack people in another solar system. You pilot a standard looking fighter-spaceship but you attack toilet paper, carrots, gold, cephalopods, spaceships, acorns, lucky cats, and such across several different stages - including a secret stage, Stage 0! In-between stages you use the bags of money you collect to buy upgrades from a space convenience store. You fight enemies using standard shots, flame throwers, and bombs among other types of weapons. It's really quite surprising and awesome!

    Who would have thought that charming little Gun-nac would appreciate so much in value though? Yeah, it's an NES game, and old Nintendo games sell for a lot these days, but back then, it probably cost like $5 - $20 to buy used from the video rental store, and it's not even published nor developed by Nintendo. But what's the price now? Imported Japanese copies are selling for $50 - $60. Cartridge-only US copies are selling for $200! Complete JP copies? $300! Complete US copies? $250 - $500! And sealed? $725! Heck, just the cardboard box with a Styrofoam block sells for $95!

    When I saw those prices, I was just gobsmacked! I really cherish my copy of Gun-nac as it is an excellent and funny shmup so I wouldn't want to sell it, but those prices are amazing and not in a good way.

    Anyway, enough about the cost. Have you ever played this game from an original copy or otherwise? If not, then you should!

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    It's not my favorite NES shmup (which is Dragon Spirit), but it's definitely up there. Nice music too.

    I really lucked out with this one. I found a copy just before prices started to go really crazy. I came across a loose cart several years ago for 2 or 3 bucks and considered it a good find even then, since it was worth around $30 or so at the time. But it seemed like every time I checked after that, it was climbing and climbing, first approaching $100, and then beyond. I think if it had been any later when my cart showed up in the store, it would've been snapped up by someone else before I ever got a chance to even see it.

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    The NES version is a rare, and it being a shooter makes it a pricey cart.

    The Japanese cart however, Ive seen quite a bit. If the famicom is selling for 50$ and up, I would say that is alot. I think these type of shooters were alot more popular in Japan, and thus they are much more common.

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    Although it's amusing and fun, Compile's other STG, Zanac, is definitely the better game, as well as far more affordable. Gun-Nac does a good job of being a bit easier and more relaxed without going completely zany like Parodius (which of course is also quite fun!)

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