Sega Dreamcast Console w/ One Controller, Green VMU (Need batteries) + Performance Rumble Pack - Console has some black scuffs but works great. All hookups included. $50 shipped.

Dreamcast Games: All CIB: Ready 2 Rumble Boxing $11 shipped, Crazy Taxi $17 shipped, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater $15 shipped.

Sony PlayStation One: Working. One DualShock Controller, one Generic controller, all hookups $30 shipped.

Sony PSOne Console: Not tested but worked a year ago. No hookups or controllers. $15 shipped.

Atari 7800 Console: 2 US controllers, one EU style gamepad, no AV hookup. Works. $60 shipped.

Sega Genesis Model 2 Console: One 3 button controller, no cables. $30 shipped.

Atari 5200 Console: No controllers, power and AV hookups included. Untested but worked a year ago and sat in a closet since. $75 shipped.

Mattel Intellivision Console: Power cord attached, no AV hookups. $25 shipped.

Commodore 64 Computer: In original box with manuals and General Ledger software. No disk drive. All hookups. Worked when last tested 6 months ago. $120 shipped.

Atari 800XL Computer: In original box(w/ wear and tear) w/ styrofoam insert. All hookups. Works. Box a bit worn. Computer in good shape. $175 shipped.