I'm cleaning out my attic. I have a lot of very strange and rare items for sale that I can't list on Amazon.


Here's some of what up for auction:

-Pocky Rocky with Becky GBA Box and Manual
-Lufia Ruins of Lore GBA Box and Manual
-dot Hack Quarantine Demo Disk
-Gamecube Demo Disk Version 16 that has the Berry Patch and Shiny Zigzagoon download
-Pokemon XD Custom Gamecube skin Pre-Order bonus
-Game.com Internet Cart and Cable
-Monster Hunter promotional T-Shirt from 2004
-Monster Hunter Trailer DVD for store kiosks
-Hunt For Red October Amiga Boxed
-Official Nintendo Cart Organizers from 1990
-Double Dragon II IBM Factory Sealed
-NECA 3" Leon Kennedy Figurine that was pre-order bonus for RE4
-Quickshot XXI NES Controller Boxed
-Bubble Memories Korean PC Sealed- Autorun Disk Windows
-Rhapsody A Musical Adventure Factory Sealed
-Midwinter Amiga game boxed
-Grandia PS1 Manual
-KLONOA Empire of Dreams GBA Factory Sealed
-Resident Evil 4 GCN Factory Sealed
-Quest fore the Time Bird AMIGA Boxed
-Gold Rush MS DOS boxed
-Kirby MAss Attack DS Factory Sealed
-Kirby Slide e-reader Card, contains simple sliding puzzle game
-Sonic Heroes promotional Pin
-Plok SNES box and manual
-Shin Megami Tensei Nocture Strategy Guide