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Thread: Turbo Duo: No Power - Suddenly Dead?

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    Default Turbo Duo: No Power - Suddenly Dead?

    Been a couple years since I was last here, maybe someone here has some Duo knowledge they can pass on.

    I got a US Duo back at the end of June. Things worked fine the few times I used it at that point. Got it from a highly reputable seller (and was told that their person did A+ work on the system for a recap and an RGB mod)and they have been more than accommodating for a newbie to the system.

    Plugged it back in a few days ago and got nothing. Disc doesn't spin, no insert disc screen, HuCards don't load. Even my Everdrive shows no lights like usual at boot. This system had not moved from its spot on the shelf during that time, only thing that did move was the AC adapter when I unplugged it from the wall - but not from the system.

    Multimeter shows power is coming from the (official) AC adapter, and when plugged into the system, the fuse shows voltage as well. I've re-seated the connectors from the small power board to the main board, and they show power too. Board shows no signs of leaking caps.

    I looked over older posts and nothing there seemed to help.

    Any thoughts? I'm bummed that I wasn't able to fire it up the other day, and now I worry about this rather expensive purchase's future.
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    Have you checked voltage between Vcc and ground on the ICs?
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    Another thing to check is verify that the power switch itself is working, a simple enough continuity check for either state.

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