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Got myself another Nintendo Wii, bought at a Salvation Army store for $9.99. Shockingly it works, I have two others but neither have working disc drives. This one seemed to be owned by an actual adult who didn't drop it on concrete all the time like kids seem to do.

Couldn't find any of the handful of Wii games I own, so went out to a used game/movie store today and bought a dozen titles that looked the least "kiddie". House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return, Rygar, Cruis'n, Heatseeker, Geometry Wars Galaxies, Ghost Squad, The Conduit, Battle Rage, Brunswick Zone Cosmic Bowling, Counter Force, Heavenly Guardian, Dragon Blade; Wrath of Fire, and Ocean Commander. They were between $3.99 and $6.99 except for House of the Dead which was $14.99. Pretty slim pickings as far as non-childish games goes for the Wii.

I also picked up a loose Atari 2600 cartridge, Sea Hunt by Froggo, for $9.99.
I recently found Rygar for PS2 and was surprised by that. Are you telling me there's one for the Wii too?

If you want to try to get the Wii drives working... sometimes it's a simple as replacing a belt. If you have questions, hit me up.