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    Another weekend, another hunt for non-childish Nintendo Wii games. I go to GameXchange stores because used titles $7.95 or less are buy one, get one free. And it looks like the majority of the Wii's library are around $3 to $5 there. But I'll drive really far out of my way to hit the stores because there's always one game at each store that none of the others seem to have. Pretty much most stores that sell used Wii games has a title that I've never come across elsewhere. This trip, those type of games were SpeedZone, Spray, Little King's Story, and Haunted House. I remember reading back in the day that Atari were attempting to reboot the classic 2600 game Haunted House for the Wii, I wasn't aware it ever came out until I found a copy this afternoon.

    Altogether, the roster of games are...

    Speed Zone
    Alone in the Dark
    Little King's Story
    Overlord - Dark Legend
    De Blob
    The Calling
    Haunted House
    Zack & Wiki - Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

    I haven't been able to satisfy my collector's instinct since it's virtually impossible to find any games in thrift stores and flea markets. Getting a Wii has really ignited that drive in me. It's been a few months since I bought my first functional Wii, and I probably have around 125 games for it. I'm getting to the end of the line for really grown-up games on the system, and will have to start delving more into the more kid-friendly, casual gamer titles. Luckily those are common as hell and are dirt cheap except for first-party titles. I have a fascination with crappy shovelware for the Wii... Ninjabread Man was garbage, but the company that put it out reskinned the levels, put new characters models in it, and put it out as three other games. Talk about balls. I might pick those up just for the horribleness.

    By the way, if anybody in the Dallas area wants a Japanese Saturn console, go to the GameXchange in Mesquite. They've got one, right next to a US version, for $65 if I recall (same as the US console). And next to that is a toploading 3DO (don't remember the price on that one).
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