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Thread: Hyperkin's Hyper Blaster HD, Hyper Blaster HD Adapter, and Retron DIY to be at CES 2019

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    Default Hyperkin's Hyper Blaster HD, Hyper Blaster HD Adapter, and Retron DIY to be at CES 2019

    Hyperkin just announced, through a press release, the Hyper Blaster HD, a light gun for the NES that with conjunction with the Hyper Blaster HD Adapter, will function properly on flat LCD and LED TVs.

    Surprisingly enough, they only cited Duck Hunt as far as compatibility is concerned and just straight away ignored all of the other NES light gun games. Also, it is specifically stated that an original Duck Hunt cartridge is required along an original NES, so the Hyper Blaster HD won’t be supported by Hyperkin’s own Retron 5 (or Retron 1)?

    Next comes the Retron DIY for the SNES, a new product in the Retron line of consoles but this time it’s a Raspberry Pi. That’s right, Hyperkin will be selling a Raspberry Pi Zero accompanied by a custom board boasting 2 SNES controller ports and a universal SNES/SFC cartridge slot. The Retron DIY is advertised to output a “crisp” 720p image.

    Both products alongside a console dock for the Switch will be revealed at CES 2019 in the next upcoming days. The only specs as of now are:

    Play Duck Hunt for the NES with a light gun on an HDTV (original Duck Hunt cartridge and NES required)
    Includes special Hyper Blaster HD light gun
    Includes Hyper Blaster HD Adapter to allow HDTV compatibility
    It seems strange to omit mentioning the other NES light gun games - perhaps they work but weren't mentioned? And is it just me, or does the Retron DIY send the wrong signal? To me it's saying, "Why hassle with Hyperkin and Retron? It's just a Raspberry Pi!"


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    What I want to know is will it work with NESs modded for RGB, S, and/or HDMI?

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    I don't see why the video type, even if modded, would not work.

    As for other games, I have a theory. I think it's pretty easy to assume/say that this product likely resulted from Hyperkin buying the tech from the Modern Mallard Kickstarter attempt. His used a cart adapter to rewrite Duck Hunt code on the fly, like a game genie, as well as a newly devised LED board that you were to replace Zapper guts with. Now, the hacker who has created a delay hack to popular NES light gun roms (, to work with most TV's and Tomee Zapp Guns. However, those guns were hunks of junk, and many, including me, can't get them to work. A newly produced gun with modern internals from Hyperkin should do the trick though. So I have a good feeling that the LCD rom hacks should work with this new gun. So if you have an Everdrive/PowerPak, you'll be all set.

    Now, in the case of Hyperkin, I suspect anyone using that solely will be stuck with Duck Hunt, because I highly doubt they'll be creating additional cart adapters. Frankly, the Modern Mallard guy was made to look quite foolish when he proposed tens of thousands of dollars to hack each further NES light gun rom. Meanwhile, this young chap on the aforementioned website has been hacking them, for free.
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