This only pertains to the 3 button and 6 button controllers manufactured by Sega for the Genesis models 1, 2, 3, CD, and 32x.

I have grown quite fond of the 3 button controller more recently. The buttons are bigger than the SNES's and have a clicking action that feels satisfying, and I have noticed that with a lot of SNES games, a fourth button on the right side isnt even used a lot of times, or it does the same thing as another button. I really prefer the D pad on the Genesis over the SNES as well because it seems easier for diagonal movements. I also like the shape of the Gen controller more.

The 6 button isnt bad but I dont always see the point in the top 3 buttons except for some of the fighting games like Eternal Champions. I think Pitfall utilized the top row as well.

What are your thoughts on the controller designed for Sega's most successful home game console of all time and do you feel it has aged well, 30 years after its initial release?