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Thread: FS:a bunch of exciting NEC TG16/Duo/PC Engine oddities, rarities, & goodies

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    Default FS:a bunch of exciting NEC TG16/Duo/PC Engine oddities, rarities, & goodies


    Later this month, I'm going to put a whole bunch of exciting NEC TurboGrafx 16/Turbo Duo/PC Engine/etc. oddities, rarities, & just plain old goodies on eBay.
    Before I list them there, I wanted to put them up in some game groups to allow y'all to take a first stab at them.

    Shipping from 92630, California, USA. Actual shipping cost applied on top of asking prices. Will ship anywhere, or you can pick up in person if you're a SoCal local.

    Each item has a Dropbox folder w/ lots of high-res pics. Also in each folder is an html document that will later become the eBay listing's description--it contains lots o' detail on each item.

    [SOLD] 1. $4 NEC Composite AV cable, used

    [MOVED TO EBAY UNDER MY SAME USERNAME] 2. $47 Memory Base 128-NEC PC Engine, used (I think lightly):

    [SOLD] 3. $33 Python Trigger-Style Joystick, factory shrinkwrapped:

    [SOLD] 4. $95 Turbo EverDrive Deluxe Edition-S/N 015, lightly used, tested good, lots of bonuses:

    [SOLD] 5. $88 Embroidered hat: Bomberman on front, DUO TTi logo on back, NOS, obtained from buying out lots of remaining stock directly from TZD in 2008

    [SOLD] 6. $80 Set of magazines + discs: PC Engine Capsule 2 & Capsule 4, 3x3 Eyes book + audio CD, lightly used, discs tested

    [SOLD] 7. $102 Set of 8 magazines: 7X TurboPlay, 1X TurboForce, good used condition

    [SOLD] 8. $110 Original production art to make JB Harold & other US TG CD packaging, marketing mailers, catalogs, lots of stickers, etc., most unused in great condition

    [SOLD] 9. $13 Paperback book: Secrets of the Game-TurboGrafx16 and TurboExpress Secrets-The Authorized Edition, used, pretty good condition


    PS--in the nearish future, when I find time, up next is selling 31 US TG CD games. Please don't ask me for details at this time--I can't multitask. Just stay tuned to this thread or my username if interested.
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