Not sure if there's any interest but I've got a bunch of brand new pce games here. PC Engine stuff can be fairly difficult to price already but sealed stuff is even harder. I always try to sell for under market but that's hard to do when you can't figure out the "regular price". If you're interested in something hit me up and we'll figure it out. Shipping is $4 for one and then goes from there. A couple of these have some small tears in the shrink wrap. I'm happy to send pics.

As far as trades, I'd be interested in one of the 3 turbografx outer boxes (or cib's) I need. Raiden, Timeball, and Turrican. I'd also be interested in N64 stuff I need, Sega Genesis black grid cib's, higher end Dreamcast stuff, and quality loose NES titles. Maybe other stuff too, send your lists along if that's your thing.

Sorry for the non alphabetical order, this is the order they were pictured in but the upload failed here.

Psycho Chaser 50
Fighting Run 20
Red Alert 50
Dead Moon 75
Violent Soldier SOLD
Anoku Densetsu 70
Gomola Speed 60
Special Criminal Investigation 70
Legend of Hero Tonma SOLD
Tricky SOLD
Cyber Core (big tear) 30
Sidearms 45
Gradius 80
Populous SCD 30
Monster Pro Wrestling 35
Legion 35
Time Cruise II SOLD
Double Dungeons 25
Etrnal City 80
Populous Hu 30
Puzzle Boy 60
Skweek 40
Final Blaster SOLD
Titan 20
New Zealand Story 75
Raiden 225
Knight Rider Special 60
Jinmu Denshu 20
Batman 125
Rock On 40
Zipang 60

In addition, I also have these complete (minus obi's for the most part) pce games.

PC Engine
Spriggan SOLD
Dragonball Z 20
Adventure Island 30
Godzilla SOLD
Far East of Eden Zira 10
Super Star Solider 35
Babel 10
Solid Force 15
Brandish 15
Sidearms Special SOLD
Tenshi No Uta 10