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Thread: TurboDuo spining like crazy after recapping it.

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    Default TurboDuo spining like crazy after recapping it.

    So I'm recapping this Duo. Only issue it had was no CD audio. I like to test the unit after replacing small bunches of caps.
    -So I replaced the audio caps up top. That resolved the no CD audio issue & everything worked fine.
    -So I went onto replacing C102, 136, 163, 149, 961, & 962 I went to test it & then the CD started spinning like crazy & the laser pinned it self to the spindle side.
    -Went back to check my work, make sure nothing was shorted & couldn't find anything. Started checking for broken traces, discovered IC108 had cracked legs so I tried flowing solder over those to make a better connection, no change. Then I flat out removed IC108 & that stopped the spinning but now it wont spin at all & the laser is still pinning.
    No idea where to go from here. Looking for ANY advice.

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    If the laser is getting stuck in one position, it's always worth the checking detect switches. However, it sounds like you have multiple issues going on. I would try to get my hands on a working unit to take measurements from, because if you have issues with any IC that drives the laser, obviously it's not going to work. Are you able to upload pictures of the areas in question? Or a video of the laser issue? It would be really great if more of these laser behaviors were documented through video instead of confusing text descriptions.
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