So I'm recapping this Duo. Only issue it had was no CD audio. I like to test the unit after replacing small bunches of caps.
-So I replaced the audio caps up top. That resolved the no CD audio issue & everything worked fine.
-So I went onto replacing C102, 136, 163, 149, 961, & 962 I went to test it & then the CD started spinning like crazy & the laser pinned it self to the spindle side.
-Went back to check my work, make sure nothing was shorted & couldn't find anything. Started checking for broken traces, discovered IC108 had cracked legs so I tried flowing solder over those to make a better connection, no change. Then I flat out removed IC108 & that stopped the spinning but now it wont spin at all & the laser is still pinning.
No idea where to go from here. Looking for ANY advice.