So... I MIGHT have placed a Steel Battalion controller beneath a shelf on a wall next to a door and PERHAPS an Atari stein fell from there and MAYBE smashed the Map zoom in/zoom out and Sub monitor mode select buttons. Does anyone around here know of someone who has access to OEM parts, 3D printer plans, or units beyond repair? I have a newer version with the blue buttons.

Also, before the very helpful among you choose to chime in, yes, it was careless and stupid to place it under a shelf with heavy objects on it. Yes, it was silly to put a shelf on a wall right next to a door in the first place. And yes, I am aware that I might be the only person on the Internet to break what is an incredible piece of peripheral history by being a ginormous boob. There. I just saved you the time and effort you would have spent telling me what I did wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help.