It sounds like we are going to get a full translation of Sakura Wars for the SEGA Saturn and Windows / PC in 2019! Read on for all of the details.

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I was wondering how progress is going with your translation project of Sakura Wars 1 for the SEGA Saturn. Thank you for your time!
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Itís going well! Recently @cj_iwakura and I have decided to team up to finish both the Saturn and PC versions. We are currently focusing on finishing the battle dialog. Most of the story dialog is done.

I post updates at

His team will patch the PC version while I work on the Saturn version. The translations of all of the text will be shared across both platforms.
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Status Update Post by NoahSteam Ľ Wed., Dec. 19th, 2018 at 6:02 P.M.

Greetings Everyone!

Hope you're all doing great. I figured it would be a good idea to let everyone know where the project current stands. You all have been making great progress so far! As it stands, 2/3rds of the story dialog files are either complete or in progress. Also, it'd be great if you could shoot me an email whenever you complete a file. Also if you are unable to proceed with the project, please let me know so I can open up those files to another translator. Thank you!

Story Dialog
Files Completed: 34
Files In Progress: 11
Files Remaining: 10

Battle Dialog
Files In Progress: 3
Files Remaining: 10

Tech Work Remaining
-Patch the the menus with translated text
-Patch the intro subtitles with translated text
-Patch battle menu
-Improve the look of the font
-Fix display bug with LIPS event
NoahSteam then goes on to list several tables of text which have been completed.

I'll post more links when the translation work is finished. I've been looking forward to playing Sakura Wars in English for years!