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You can literally say that about every sealed game that exists today, yet games with a far lower print run are worth far less than this. Multiple sealed copies of Stadium Events have turned up, including a sealed case of copies, when that only had a very small print run and was actually recalled from stores shortly after release. That's worth far less than this, a copy of a highly successful game that was in demand and never recalled.

You can also literally buy sealed food items from decades ago, same argument about who buys to never use, only these have a shelf life and you'd expect unused ones to have been thrown away if never consumed. Saying SM64 is rare to find, even new, is just not true.
wrong. some games came out late in a console's life cycle and they just sat. there were a ton of Players Choice F Zeros made, so snagging a copy hasnt been difficult. Another one is Arkanoid: Doh it Again. I have a sealed copy. very late SNES release. I have a sealed Anticipation and a sealed Pictionary for NES. No one bought the damn game. also have sealed a bunch of shitty PS2 sports games I got for 2 dollars. trust me when I say "you cant say that about every game."