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Thread: Omega Boost [PS1 / PSX]

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    Thumbs up Omega Boost [PS1 / PSX]

    I thought this was a really good gigantic robot / giant mech shooting game for the original PlayStation. It seemed to sell well. I wonder why it never got a sequel. Perhaps there was just too much money to be made with racing games instead of shooters for the developer, Polyphony Digital.

    According to Wikipedia, "Similarities between Omega Boost and Sega's Panzer Dragoon series led to a rumor that former members of Team Andromeda, dissolved in 1998, had joined Polyphony Digital. This rumor turned out to be true as the lead designer and programmer on Omega Boost was Yuji Yasuhara, who had worked on Panzer Dragoon Zwei."

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    Blast you, now I have to find and play this game instead of being 'productive' and clearing out my backlog.
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