Selling some odd items from my hardware collection - shipping from Canada (BC).

Pictures of all items under the following link:

Nintendo Wii Mini (Canadian 1st Release), brand-new - $170
This item was never taken out of its box, the outer box is in immaculate condition, no dent no nothing. In bubble wrap from day 1. I specifically purchased it during the time period when it was still exclusive to the Canadian market, before it came out in the US and Europe. It does come with the original purchase receipt from December 2012.

Nintendo TV-Game 15 (Japanese), complete in box with manual - $120
This is Nintendo's 2nd video game hardware, released in June of 1977 in Japan (only one week after its very first hardware, TV-Game 6, so this might as well be considered the first hardware, except it was a different product released simultaneously). It's in great condition considering this thing is 42 years old - box is holding up very well and complete with RF unit, manual etc.

NEC TurboGrafx 16 (European Version!) with Blazing Lazers, new old stock, $299
I am open to your offers on this one, I just found one sold auction to go by to judge the value and that was 299 USD. The console and accessory set have both never been opened, it's in perfect condition, purchased as new old stock.
This includes a sealed copy of Blazing Lazers (Gunhed).

NEC PC-Engine Interface Unit IFU-30 (Japanese), complete in box - $85
I tried to sell this on Facebook marketplace and it seems to cause a lot of confusion: This is ONLY the interface unit, it does not include the PC-Engine & CD-ROM. It is complete with manual, styrofoam, cables etc.

Dance Dance Revolution Mat + Both Games, Dreamcast, Japanese - $40
Pretty straight forward, includes both DDR games that were released on Dreamcast. Japanese Import, good condition.

Super Famicom Mouse - $15
with original plastic inlay inside. Great condition overall

Can take more pictures if needed