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    Default Gingertips Foxtail

    This is a delightful game that came out last year. It is akin to those mid-1990s "point and click" games you used to see, Like "Inherit the Earth" and "The Legend of Kyrandia."

    The game centers around an anthro-vixen named Leah who is visiting her grandmother in a village that has seen better days. What starts as a Quest for Tea soon becomes something a good deal more important. The way the story builds up in this way is done perfectly, as Leah must find out what happened in her grandfather's time. In Chapter 2 she does find another piece of the puzzle.

    So far there are two chapters completed out of eight. It is an ongoing effort, so please understand that as with any such game there is a chance it will not be completed. Just a usual disclaimer there.

    You can either buy it on Steam or at GOG Games. The Steam version not only requires the Steam app to run but an Internet connection as well. The GOG version is a standalone version that requires neither. I bought that version with Paysafe bought via Moneygram.

    The curious thing about that game is that it runs on my old 2001 Sony VAIO Windows XP Home Edition laptop. 256MB RAM, Pentium 3 Intel Integrated chip, 800MHz processor, 16-Bit color. The game does need to be pointed at "direct3d" either by altering its own "settings.xml" file or dropping in a "settings.xml" file in the game folder. The Sony also requires help from something called "Swiftshader 2.1," which adds to a computer's abilities. Without it over a dozen games would not work.

    My only complaint about it now is that they changed the music from the original sweetly melancholy sound in Chapter 1. It's good, but is not as effective. Luckily I saved the original files from Chapter 1 and given the way the game is set up one can simply play Chapter 1 with the original files and then play Chapter 2 with the newer folder.

    There are versions for Windows, Apple, and Linux. I can absolutely confirm the game runs on Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and Puppy Linux 5.7.0 Precise and 6.0.5 Tahrpup as long as GLIBC 2.27 is installed (easy to do with one click). Apparently to do that whatever you are using must have a minimal kernel of 3.2, which is why it will not run on the Sony in Puppy Linux 5.2.5 Lucid mode (kernel 2.6).

    You can also play the Windows version with Linux as long as you are using WINE. This works on the ASUS in Tahrpup mode, but so far not the Sony in Lucid mode, due to OpenGL problems (apparently before it can shift to DirectX it must be in OpenGL for at least a few seconds).

    It took some doing for the Sony, but believe me, the game is worth it.

    Again, I can absolutely confirm that the game runs on XP devices in spite of what the specifications at GOG claim.
    Interesting stuff, here (COMPLETELY unbiased opinion, hehhehheh):

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    Oooh - I have a PC with XP on it. I cant wait to try this out.
    It might become my new secret classic PC games console . Leah the fox is one of my favourite characters.

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