Why the fuck is it SO difficult to input your initials when you get a high school on every game on this collection!?

You know how for most game it's as simple as moving the joystick right to cycle through the alphabet then pressing a button to select it and it inputting the character and moving to the next initial and you have like 30 seconds or so to do it?

Well, on SNK 40th Anniversary Collection either:

You get 10 seconds to fill in like 7 spaces.

The alphabet cycles backwards.

You have to move to the left to go to the next initial, rather than pressing a button to input an initial.

When you select an initial it CHANGES IT to the next letter in the alphabet before going to the next initial. So inputting AAA would actually input BBB.

The thing just flat out won't respond to most of your joystick motions.

And all sorts of other crazy shit. Every day that I play on this collection I've had these issues. I don't think I've managed to input my initials correctly on a single game on this collection yet.

Am I alone in this?