Were any of the console Trek games good?

It seems like the only Star Trek games I ever hear getting praised are PC games--Interplay's 25th Anniversary (not the same as the NES or Game Boy games of the same name), and Raven Software's Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force... which I never played because at the time, I didn't care about Voyager, but I may rectify that as lately I'm more interested in Trek in general.

I used to own three gameboy games--25th Anniversary, TNG, and Generations and I remember liking two of them (Generations was basically like a hardmode hack of TNG and thus I didn't care for it), and I remember 25th for NES wasn't bad, but what about others?

For that matter what about DOS or early windows Trek? As in, "anything BEFORE the afformentioned Elite Force"?

Thanks in advance.

(Random, but why do people hate The Motion Picture--the movie I mean? I thought it was pretty good)