My first thought was the NES, but also, the PS1 has to be up there. And if you count the arcade and/or PC, those have gotta be up there. But if were talking strictly console gaming, the NES has...

Final Fantasy
Dragon Warrior
Mega Man
Duck Tales

Tempted to count Metal Gear but credit goes to the MSX for that one even if it didnt come out in North America.

Megami Tensei was first released on Famicom so I dont know whether to count that as an NES release. Same with RBI Baseball and Fire Emblem.

Resident Evil
Twisted Metal
Crash Bandicoot
Gran Turismo
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Tomb Raider

Feel free to add to these lists. Im sure the arcade class as a whole would outnumber both PS1 and NES but Im not as familiar with those games, and same for PC.