I'm 26, and I've amassed a few memories from defunct stores and even a childhood home that's been torn down.

The big one is Video Games Etc. in Gallatin and Hendersonville, TN. I have pictures of those places, that's how much I loved them. VGE opened in 2004 in Gallatin, TN, in 2007 or so they opened a second location in Hendersonville, TN, in late 2007 they moved to a new location in Gallatin, and on April 6, 2009 their Hendersonville location closed followed by their main Gallatin location on July 14, 2009. They sold modern and classic games but I was in it for the classics. They had a wide selection at a cheap price.
The first time I went there was on March 30, 2006. For months I'd been obsessed with the Sega Master System for some reason and had a dream a week or so earlier that I saw one for sale for $1,000. I looked at prices and they weren't near that bad. Went to VGE for the first time, they had one for sale. 47 bucks. My mom tried to talk me into an NES, because it had better games (she was right), and the very next day we went back and got an NES. 50 bucks, new 72 pin connector. Did I mention that both of these systems came with a couple free games? That's right, an NES, a Master System, and four games for less than $100. Gosh, I miss VGE and 2006 retro game prices in general. Me and my mom went maybe 1.5 times a month on average from there on out, picking up 3-6 games per trip, on many of the earlier trips I picked up systems (by the later trips, I had all the systems they sold). I'm not sure what made me pick up the games I did, it was a combination of price and interestingness I guess. Although I turned 16 on Christmas 2008 I never drove there; I didn't start to drive until May 5, 2012. Usually I went to the Gallatin location; I went to the Gallatin location probably 50 times in 3 years, whereas the Hendersonville location got maybe 5 visits total. I wish I had recorded the dates of all of my VGE visits and purchases.
The last time I was there was July 12, 2009. There was a big yellow banner out front that said "STORE CLOSING" when we went on July 10. Picked up a few games and came back on Sunday the 12th for a massive haul. I got something like 200 bucks of games including Golden Axe Warrior CIB for Sega Master System for just $16. The box was in mediocre shape, looked like a dog had tried to bite it at some point, but it was Golden Axe Warrior. CIB. With instruction manual. 16 bucks. Try getting it for less than 100 today. I ate my first ever Angus Burger from McDonalds inside a room that they had set aside for LAN parties. We spent probably over an hour in that store. Leaving it for the last time was a heartbreaking experience for a 16 year old with Asperger's syndrome that loved classic games. I believe I posted about it on here.

Here's the Hendersonville location from my June 4, 2008 visit.

My childhood home, where I lived from age 3 to 8 (1996 - Feb. 17, 2001) was a grey trailer with a 24x24 living room extension built on around 1998. I got a Sega Genesis in fall 1998, a N64 for Christmas 1998, and we sold the N64 in summer 1999 for a PS1. I remember playing that PS1 quite a lot. I still have a memory burned into my head from probably 2000 of racing on that muddy track in CTR with Tiny Tiger in that living room. That PS1 moved around a lot; it was in my bedroom at one point, my parents' bedroom at another, and the living room at another time. Crash 3 in the parents' bedroom with my mom cheering me on in the Orient Express level. Bushido Blade in the living room, awed at the pixelated blood and always picking the nodachi sword because it was biggest.

Here's some vintage '90s pics, you can see my N64 in the background of some of them: