The following is a new segment I'm calling "Excuse Plot Recap."

It is the 90s, and Charles Xavier has finally snapped due to the realization that he lives in the Marvel Universe and thus nothing good can ever happen anywhere.

As such, he becomes a superpowered fusion dance of himself and Magneto called MEGA XAVINETO! But then finds out that name is trademarked by a bakery in Iowa, tries to call himself "Lord Bravery" but THAT is trademarked, and decides on just "Onslaught."

Then he destroys those bakeries and proceeds to mess up most of the rest of the world.

The X-Men, his own students, are helpless to stop him. Of course, the X-Men can't even stop a dork who kills people using evil theme parks without the help of Spider-Man, so of course a superbeing is beyond them. But hope is not lost, because the X-Men aren't the only heroes around. As it happens, Spider-Man (who is capable of killing Thanos according to the SNES game Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems) is also in this game.

Spidey has connections, and a lot of quarters, and arcades in this universe all have the same ending as arcade Golden Axe. So Spider-Man goes out, beats a ton of Capcom games, and suddenly Capcom heroes are here.

After a long and grueling battle, Mega XaviNeto (who resists the compulsion to say "Hey! Listen!") is beaten by the combined forces of Strider Hiryu and Mega Man. Unless he's beaten by Roll instead. Yeah.... does Onslaught have magnet powers like Magneto does? I mean, Magneto was never able to take Colossus in the comics so I imagine Mega Man really does have a chance (or maybe Magneto is weak to Hard Knuckle) but it just seems weird.

Whatever. Xavier is in therapy now and the X-Men are now led by Captain Commando. The End.

What, that's not the story?

So, I'm probably in a minority here but...

I think I like MvC1 more than MvC2.

I own both on Dreamcast--just picked up 2 recently--and while it is a fun game and all, there are a couple of sticking points to me. One is, of course, the music. MvC1 has an excellent soundtrack, much of it awesome remixes of classic Capcom tunes like the Mega Man 2 title music.

But there's another minor thing, and its one of those dopey things I'm sure only I care about.... MvC1 is actually based on something (indeed I started reading comics largely because of MvC1), whereas MvC2 basically doesn't have a storyline, and all the characters get the same ending regardless of who beats Abyss. Honestly one of the joys of fighting games for me is seeing everyone's ending, so to me it kinda makes me less inclined to play the game again. Then MvC2 has the whole points-to-buy-unlockables thing, and the fastest way to get points is to beat the game multiple times...

(Unlocking chars in MvC1, on the other hand... well you can apparently select anyone via a secret code from the get-go, but some can be made to not require the code if you succeed in doing some very specific games which honestly sound a lot like the steps you would take to fight Reptile in Mortal Kombat 1)

Speaking of which... the final bosses of both games caught me off guard when I first played them. Basically, you have to take both Onslaught and Abyss not as fighting game bosses, but more like how you would take a boss in a platform game or something. Wait for a moment, get a quick hit in, then go on defense. It was something of a revelation when I learned you could duck under Onslaught's hadoken beam (I don't know its actual name) without taking damage if you simply don't block... and if you're close enough can safely hard kick him from there too.


So, anyone have any fond memories of MvC1 or 2?