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Thread: okay this bothers me (Batman NES)

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    Default okay this bothers me (Batman NES)

    Have you guys ever had a case where there's a place in a video game you can't get to, and you just want to because you wanna know what's up there?

    For me the earliest and most recurring case of this is in Batman: The Video Game for NES, and its actually in the first level.

    Okay, so there's a part where you have to go up, then cross while being fired at by jetpack dudes... and then fall down a gap (the gap leading to that ninja guy who is just chilling until you get down there).

    I would take a picture but I'm not at my own place and I wouldn't know how, but I imagine most of you know what I mean.

    But like, before you fall down, it really looks like you should be able to jump the gap and see what's on the other side. But I've never found a way to do this.

    Does anyone know what is over there?

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    I don't know which part you're referring to since I haven't played in so long, but it sounds like maybe they originally planned to build the level in that direction and then decided to go a different way?

    Is there some kind of mega-jump GG code you could use to get over there?

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    This one?

    There's apparently nothing there, which is what I would expect.

    What bothers me is that there are jumps in the last stage that seem impossible to clear without taking a hit. I can get to the end of the game without much difficulty, but still to this day I have never managed to beat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie2B View Post
    What bothers me is that there are jumps in the last stage that seem impossible to clear without taking a hit.
    Right, it only seems that way. It's absolutely possible.

    Here's my precious surviving proof of pulling it off, without using Batman's special weapons even. But I will agree, it's very fucking hard to do. If I recall, no matter how many times I played this game, this might have been the only time I scaled that tower section without a single hit. Very often I get hit once or twice, though. I've cleared the two infamously evil gear jumps in one run without a hit more than once, only to accidentally take a stupid hit from one of the other enemies/hazards...

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