For a while I have had this idea in my head of keeping a database of the weight of authentic cartridges and discs as a way to help identify fakes or games that were altered in any way.

For example, I know that the fake Earthbounds look a lot different than the real ones when opened up so I imagine their weight would be different.

Could this same logic be applied to say, a Snatcher disc? The fakr Snatchers I have seen look very convincing. Itd be great to get the generally accepted weight down to within 1 grams of variance just to give one more element of authentication.

I know that some collectors dont want a disc that has been buffed so I imagine weight would be a factor there as well, given that it can be hard to tell if a disc was resurfaced.

Is there any interest in this at all or am I basically the only one here who cares?