Hi, my name is Moe Dantes, and I'm a recovering Mega Man addict.

I first got hooked on Mega Man when my mom innocently bought me Mega Man 3 from Wal-Mart as a kid. She didn't know what it was, I only vaguely knew, but little did I know that my first taste of that fruit would not be my last. For some reason MM3 and Mega Man X were the only Mega Man games I played as a kid, but as an adult I went back and rediscovered the series, and that is when the troubles began.

Playing Mega Man, watching Mega Man, reading about Mega Man, having dreams about Mega Man.

Here are the signs that you may be a Mega Man addict:

1. You own all the officially released games...

2. ...Even ones you don't own the actual consoles for.

3. You even indulge in fangames and romhacks, something you don't normally do for other franchises, because you just can't get enough.

4. You find said fangames and romhacks don't have that "kaizo" feel that a lot of others do, and are in fact only slightly more challenging than the base games.

And you know your addiction may be approaching critical mass if:

5. You think Cutman speaks with a Peter Lorre accent.

6. You can fluently say "Plug in, Rokkuman Ekuze, TRANSUMISHUN!"

7. You know who/what Dark Man is.

8. You know who/what CRORQ is.

9. You know who King is and wonder why he hasn't returned in subsequent games.

10. It's ever occured to you that you could make an anime waifu harem consisting entirely of different incarnations of Roll.

11. You think the prices for the US Saturn release of Mega Man 8 are reasonable.

12. You thought the Happy-Happyist cult in Earthbound was making fun of you.

Questions Mega Man Addicts Must Ask Themselves

Question 1 - Captain N: Okay adaptation, or abomination to never be spoken of again?

Question 2 - Between Mega Man Classic and Mega Man X, which is better?

Question 3 - Are Legends and Battle Network really Mega Man games or are they just games that happen to feature a character named Mega Man? (This isn't asking if you like them or not)

Question 4 - Is a Buster-only speedrun worth doing?

Question 5 - Why aren't there more Mega Man X fangames?