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Check out Retro Repairs on YT. He does a good job of showing step-by-step the proper way testing with a multimeter.
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Thanks, I watched his Another Conker's BFD vid as shown below. I opened my copy of Paper Mario and by using the conductivity tester, I found that pins 36 and 40 are missing traces on the board in easily accessed points much like this Conker cartridge was and it was also for the same reason. I'll see what I can do about that.

I tried checking out my copy of Landstalker on Genesis by this same method and I'm not yet sure why it's not working. Its battery still holds a charge.

- Austin
Fluid_Matrix, this worked on my copy of Paper Mario; traces 36 and 40 were gone. I'm soaking the RF Shield in Vinegar now. Thanks!

- Austin