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    Default gbpxl's GamePurist: a retro game review channel

    I just uploaded my first video. They didnt upload in the correct order for some reason. I wanted the video with the scale to come right after the review, but whatever.

    I know its nothing special but I searched for reviews of the game on Youtube and didnt really see anything similar to what I was doing with looking at the PCB, playing on original hardware, not showing any footage, so I thought maybe there will be a niche audience for what I am doing.

    I dont have the charisma or the talent of the Metal Jesuses and Pat the NES Punks of the world but I play the games all the way through, I give my honest opinions, and just share my experience as an average gamer who isnt a speed runner or someone who has 10,000 ROMs and is going through and trying to beat every single one and then as soon as theyre done, never give the game another thought.

    So as I produce more videos, I will add them here. I dont expect to have a ton of success with this, its more to connect with like minded fans of these games and to give the original carts the love they deserve and showcase them properly.

    Here is Wonder Boy for the Sega Master System:
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