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Thread: Xbox original Monster component cable- no video

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    Default Xbox original Monster component cable- no video

    I tried multiple TVs, multiple Xboxs, and my cheaper component cable works just fine. So theres a problem either with the cable itself or how the cable is inserted into the TV or the Xbox. And at this point, I dont know how else I could connect it. The audio is just fine.

    The connections were very tight and I noticed the cable ends said "Cr" and "Cb" but the inputs on my TVs said "Pr" and "Pb." I definitely have them going in the right way- red to red, blue to blue, green to green
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    I bought one of these last year used from Luka games but regret it because something was defective in the RCA mini-jack that lets you use the 5.1 audio adapter. It would only allow the plug to go half-way in so it's basically useless for clean dolby digital 5.1 audio. The video is fine however but I can't stand the terrible audio hiss associated with analog. I'm waiting for when the official microsoft component HD pack cable goes on sale with the standard optical out. I can't justify paying $50 on eBay which it trends at. The tightness of the RCA connectors on the Monster Cable was a universal problem so I bought some cheap RCA connectors to keep on there permanently so I wouldn't risk damaging my AVR's RCA inputs. If anything here has one of these for a reasonable price (around $20) please contact me.
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    random thought.

    have either of you removed the clock capacitor in your OG xbox's yet?

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