So we all know the Final Fantasies, the Zeldas, the Earthbounds, the Phantasy Stars....

For some reason fall and spring always kinda make me think of these genres and I kinda wonder what I should go for. The problem is I feel like I've played a lot of what's actually available for both systems (at least insofar as official US releases are concerned). The TurboGrafx would be new ground for me but most of its RPGs are Japan-only. The Genesis, I can't think of any RPGs for it that I don't own. The SNES seems the most likely to have something new.

And yeah I also said "strategy games" because I kinda got to thinking of those again. I used to love Master of Monsters and I wonder if there's any hex-based games for the SNES.

I'm open to fan translated projects, which is something I really haven't explored much.

Anyway, throw something and see what sticks.