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Thread: Hardest game to get when it was brand new?

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    I have also heard stories of people seeing stacks of Stadium Events games on sale, but no way would it have been as late as 1992 and it wouldn't have been at Funcoland.
    The reason the game was recalled was because the "Family Fitness Pad" was renamed the "Power Pad".
    Now maybe some retailers were allowed to discount the game, but its more likely they had to ship them back to Nintendo instead.
    If people do remember seeing stacks of SE its prob because nobody bought it in the few months it was for sale.

    And yeah its likely people confuse it with Athletic World or World Class Track Meet.

    And yeah, nobody cared about the game in 1992. For most of the 90's very few people actually collected nes games.

    Also, if you havent noticed Athletic World has 2 variants, one says "Family Fitness Pad" and one says "For use with Power Pad"
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    I had a heck of a time getting a copy of SEGA AGES for the Saturn when it released. I'm not sure why, because Saturn games were never scarce in my neck of the woods. Even Panzer Dragoon Saga wasn't hard to get where I lived. There were plenty of copies at our Toys 'R' Us.

    With SEGA AGES though, it was several weeks (possibly months) after the release date until I tracked down a copy from Electronics Boutique, IIRC.

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