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Thread: MaxiVision 30-in-1 Power Video Challenge Behind The Scenes Video?

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    Default MaxiVision 30-in-1 Power Video Challenge Behind The Scenes Video?

    While looking for something completely unrelated I stumbled upon the following video on YouTube, simply titled "MICHAEL MAXIVISION" -

    It appears to be some random home movie until at around the 8:00 minute mark it cuts to what is apparently behind the scenes footage on the set of the infamous MaxiVision 30-in-1 Power Video Challenge infomercial. The footage shows the set being built, the cast rehearsing their lines and discussing placement, some behind the scenes on the sound stage, AVE president Richard Frick talking with late infomercial host Mike Levey, and some honest opinions about the cartridge from Michael Elson (graphics aren't that hot).

    As it has an upload date of 2013 I figured it was old news, so I did some searches to see if it had been referenced anywhere - but came up empty-handed. The name of the YouTube account the video is posted on is Jeffrey Elson - possibly Michael Elson's father per the narration? Michael Elson is the "game playing champ" featured in the infomercial as one of the people promoting the game, and his dressing room is seen in the behind the scenes video, so that seems pretty legitimate to me.

    My biggest takeaway from this is that the 30-in-1 cartridges used in the infomercial were real - not some mockup being played on the screens from an offstage video source, as they're clearly being played while the set is being constructed.

    If anyone has any more info, let's hear it. If this has been seen before then your search-fu is greater than mine.

    Nice that this is out there, especially considering the only full length video of the infomercial currently on YouTube has some jackass talking over it ('cause yo this game sucks bruh!). Speaking of which, if you happened to have downloaded the full length video of the infomercial, a re-upload would be most appreciated - the previous upload is now marked as private.

    I've uploaded a version of the video with all the non-MaxiVision parts edited out here -
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