So I was recording footage for a review of the original Dragon Warrior on NES, and that of course got me looking at where the series went afterward.

And I happened to see that the series got interesting. So much so I may finally pick up a 3DS and a Switch.

Why? Well... there's a game called Dragon Quest Builders, which is A) Minecraft but with Slimes (apparently) and B) is apparently a sequel to the original Dragon Warrior, but in an alternate timeline... okay, remember how the Dragonlord makes you that "we can rule together?" offer? Builders apparently is in a world where the hero took that offer.

The more recent mainline games also sound interesting, except for DQ10 which decided to be an MMO.... just like how Final Fantasy 11 was an MMO. Did Square's half of the company have an influence on this?

Anyway, I don't normally like Dynasty Warriors games, but Dragon Quest Heroes looks fun. And I'm honestly wanting to play IX and XI, the former for Nintendo DS and the latter is coming to the Switch.

Okay, so question:

HAve any of you played these games? Especially Builders?

If so, is there anything I should be warned about (like requiring internet connections, or some versions being crap compared to others, or predatory tactics like microtransactions)?

Thanks in advance.