Ok, time to clean out the stockpile. I have a few unique items for trade:


Saturn with US/JP region switch mod. If you want to play import stuff that requires an additional cartridge, this is the way to go. Also have a stack of Saturn games that I want to get rid of as a lot. They are:

Battle Arena Toshinden URA
Black Fire
Darius Gaiden
Daytona USA
Ghen War
Mortal Kombat II
NHL 97
Panzer Dragoon
Resurrection Rise 2
Sega Rally Championship
Street Fighter the Movie
The Mansion of Hidden Souls
Tunnel B1
Virtua Fighter 2
VR Virtua Racing

Alll complete. I don't really want to part this out, unless you have something intriguing. Otherwise, it's off to eBay for this.

Also have Saturn controllers available.


Sega Master System with s-video mod & 50/60Hz switch. Missing ext. cover, and has some surface scratches. This was my 'test console', to see how the mods would work. They work fine (the 50/60 may not work on most US TVs tho)

Have games, controllers, and light phaser also. See below for full trade list.


2 different NES frontloaders. One has the lockout chip disabled, and the other has a switch to manually enable/disable it. Both are in reasonable shape, with the non-switch version being a little better in appearance. Pin connectors have been de-corroded & cleaned, and work just like they did in '85.

The work on all consoles was performed by myself, the consoles have been tested, and the mods are guaranteed against defects.


Other consoles for trade:

Virtual boy with beat up box. Console in good shape. Has AC and battery pack, and comes with Mario Tennis.

Vectrex console. Has light screen burn in picture tube, but it doesn't effect gameplay at all. Audio circuit has been upgraded to lessen the typical Vectrex 'buzz'. All adjustments are within spec. Console exterior is in decent shape. Contoller is non-self centering (return springs broke), not too difficult to get used to.

2 Game Gears

1.34x10^23 Genesis units. S-video available with those, if wanted.

Turbo Grafx w/ Keith Courage

Dreamcast w/ Sega Controller and S-Video or Composite cable. Also have some boxed 6-button Quantum Fighterpads.

N64 with expansion pack, power supply, and Rogue Squadron.

I have a master trade list at:


I just want to clean up my house a bit. If you have something I'm looking for, you'll get a good deal.

What I'm looking for:

Arcadia / Leisure Vision
Studio 2
Channel F model 2
Turbo Express
Famicom Disk System
Turbo CD
Jaguar CD
Any system that I don't have
Wonderswan Color
PC Engine

Games: I'll take anything that I don't have. I'm very interested in:
Any boxed Atari 26/52/78/Lynx/Jag games
Any pre 80's stuff
INTV game releases
Wonderswan & WSC
Neo Geo AES commons

Games must be complete (game/manual/box/overlays(if present))

Post or PM me with trade offers. Pics & detailed descriptions available on request. If you've got a big ticket item you want to trade, I can supplement with cash.

My collection is at: http://labwww.csv.cmich.edu/luke/videogames/

Thanks for looking!