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Thread: Should I play the original Phantasy Star II for the Genesis or the Naflign's Ego translation?

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    Default Should I play the original Phantasy Star II for the Genesis or the Naflign's Ego translation?

    I remember finishing this game over 20 years ago. To this day it's still my favorite game. I want to revisit it, but am juggling whether to play the original US version or the Naflign's Ego fan translation. Does anyone have any experience with this translation or any other translations I've overlooked? I'm not sure which way to go.

    I see there is a version for the Playstation II but I much prefer to play on the original machine.
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    Ive only played it on the GBA. I cant compare it to Genesis version though because I havent played it

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    I've only played the official version of Phantasy Star II, but I'd suggest trying the translation you're talking about since it offers something different (I imagine).

    Even if you discover you don't care for it, the original isn't going away after all.

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