So, I've already got Dragon Quest Builders 2, which is a lot like Minecraft, but.... [and yeah I'm not sure if this should just go in the DQ topic, I'll let Aussie decide, but hopefully we'll discuss Minecraft more]

Thing is, at times I get frustrated with the "story" aspect of DQB2, like I just wanna build but the game keeps asking me to do all this other stuff and some abilities and conveniences don't exist until you reach X part of the storyline. At the same time though, sometimes I just ignore that stuff and build whatever I want anyway and when I do, I don't really feel all that constrained.

So like, I wonder... should I get Minecraft on the Switch, or does it have its own frustrations I should be warned about?

I'm asking because I thought I saw some anti-Minecraft people here and I kinda wanna know what their beef is.