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How they haven't been able make the adapters for the Mega SG available is baffling.
Did they ever even straighten out the GG adapters that shipped?

The Analogue Mega Sg Cartridge Adapter Set V1.1 went on sale a few days after the Pocket pre-sale. It's $49.99 plus $20.00 shipping to USA for the three adapters. As someone who owns a large library of Game Gear, Sega My Card and Sg-1000 games, I really appreciated these adapters putting my libraries on a HD TV. The Analogue Mega SG console puts Sega Genesis (all regions), Sega CD and Master System games in HD right out of the box.
I already own Anolgue Super NT's and have the Analogue NT Mini Noir and Pocket on pre-order. I can understand some feeling FPGA solutions aren't playing games on "real" consoles. But as someone who's already been down the Framemeister XRGB Mini/OSSC upscaler road, with all the expensive RGB console modifications and cables, I find FPGA solutions give me the best picture with the lowest lag, period. Of course most people just emulate and don't have any real games or consoles, but I prefer collecting and having physical things to show my hobby to friends and family.
I was disappointed that with the long pre-hype for the Analogue Pocket, the Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx adapters weren't available yet. I was so excited about these adapters that I started collecting Atari Lynx games awhile back. The boxed Atari Lynx console I purchased included a half dozen boxed complete Lynx games. I bought 50 more new sealed Lynx games to finish my collection. Finding that new Lynx games were just as available as used games and priced nearly identically was the strangest retro collecting I've ever experienced. I don't think the Atari Lynx library compares favorably to the Nintendo Game Boy or even Sega's Game Gear library. But not being a handheld gaming enthusiastic, the Analogue Pocket putting these very enjoyable libraries on a big beatiful HD TV is a real blessing to me!