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Thread: Looking for Sega Saturn Japanese games & nes manuals, lots of stuff for trade

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    Default Looking for Sega Saturn Japanese games & nes manuals, lots of stuff for trade

    Looking to trade for Japanese Sega Saturn games, Im looking for too many to list right now. Also looking for Nintendo nes manuals, the manuals I am looking for are at the end of the list.
    If you have any Japanese saturn stuff/ nes manuals to trade, feel free to pm.

    Stuff for trade:
    Sega Genesis - complete games
    Dragons Revenge x2
    Lethal Enforcers II
    Warrior of Rome
    Warrior of Rome II
    Waynes World
    Street Smart
    Super Atomic Robo Kid
    Vectorman 2 - cardboard
    Sonic 3D blast - cardboard
    Sonic CLassics - cardboard
    Turrican x2

    Sega Mega Drive - complete games
    Columns III
    Ecco Dolphin II
    Wonderboy V -Monster World III
    Forgotten Worlds
    Super Atomic Robo Kid
    Chiki Chiki Boys
    Bad Omen
    Space invaders 90
    Volfied (super qix)
    Thor - Legend of Oasis
    Wanderers from Ys
    Mega Panel
    Beast Warriors
    Fighting Masters
    Ringside Angel
    Marvel Land

    misc sega:
    Sega Genesis ToeJam and Earl poster
    Sega CD Pitfall Poster
    Sega 32x - Doom, cart only
    Sega CD Sega Classics/Sherlock, case no manual
    Rock Paintings

    Nintendo Famicom Carts - Cart only
    Famicom to Nes adapter
    Kirbys Adventure
    Power Blazer
    Transformers Convoy
    Donkey Kong Jr.
    Dragon Quest III
    Batman x2
    Altered Beast
    Mighty Bomb Jack
    Spelunker x2
    Spelunker 2
    Lupin 3rd
    Dragon Buster II
    Double Dragon
    Double Dragon II
    Double Dragon 3 x2
    Ballon Fight
    Rainbow Islands
    Ice CLimber
    Adventure Island Honey
    Argus/ Rygar
    Super Mario Bros
    Castle Excellent
    Boulder Dash
    Volguard II
    River city Ransom
    Goemon 2
    Esper Dream 2
    Arkanoid incldues game, controller, manual, plactic box/case.
    Arkanoid 2
    Bomberman II
    Batman Return of Joker
    Mighty Final Fight
    Chip and Dale
    Duck Tales x2
    Duck Tales 2
    Solomon's Key 2/Fire n Ice
    Samurai Pizza Cats
    Ninja Gaiden
    Ninja Gaiden II
    Ninja Gaiden III
    Super Mario Bros 3 x2
    Crazy Climber
    Gun Nac
    Final Fantasy I + II
    Final Fantasy
    Holy Diver x2
    Gradius 2
    Akumajo Special Boku Dracula kid x2
    King Kong
    TMNT 2
    Tiny Toon Adventures
    Tiny Toon Adventures 2
    Bucky o Hare
    Konami Wai Wai World
    Konami Wai Wai World 2
    Dragon Scroll
    Super Contra
    Super Adventure Island
    Super Adventure Island 2 x2
    Super Adventure Island 3 x2
    Splatterhouse (label peeled on one corner)
    Wagan Land 2

    Super Nintendo complete games
    Super Mario Kart
    Nobunaga's Ambition
    Secret of Evermore
    Family Dog
    Space Ace
    Arkanoid doh it again
    Romancing Saga 3 - SuperFami complete
    Indiana Jones - cart only

    Nintendo 64 - Super Mario 64 cart only

    Nintendo Wii - complete games
    Donkey Kong Country Returns x2
    Pandora's Tower
    Sin & Punishment
    Super Mario All-Stars
    Super Mario History
    Super Mario Galaxy x2
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Metroid other M
    Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbaros Treasure
    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil Zero
    Metal Slug Anthology
    Sonic Colors
    Kirby Return to Dreamland x2
    Fortune Street
    Monster Hunter Tri
    Kirby's Epic Yarn
    Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition with book
    Chocobo's Dungeon
    Fishing Master
    Fishing Master World Tour
    Ultimate Shooting Collection
    Castle of Shikigami III
    Super Swing Golf Season 2
    Dokapon Kingdom
    Muramasa The Demon Blade

    Gameboy Loose games
    Kirby Tilt n Tumble
    Altered Space

    Gameboy Advance
    Castlevania complete in box, box is creased on one side

    PlayStation 2
    Bombastic - sealed
    Mega Man X Collection - Sealed
    Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2

    PSP - All complete, some sealed/new
    Spectral Souls
    Argis Eclipse
    Generation of Chaos
    Crisis Core FF VII
    Guitaroo Man
    Prinny Special Editin sealed
    Ultimate Ghosts Goblins
    Mega Man Powered Up - sealed
    Mega Man X Maveric Hunter - sealed
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max - sealed
    Power Stone Collection - sealed
    Breath of Fire III
    Rockman Dash
    Darkstalker Chronicles
    Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness
    Kights in the The Nightmare - sealed
    Yggdra Union - sealed
    Valkyrie Profile
    Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles
    Gradius Collection
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Dissidia Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy I - sealed
    Final Fantasy II
    Star Ocean: First
    Star Ocean: Second
    Blazeblue Portable - sealed
    Drimson Gen Saga
    R-Type Command - sealed
    Patapon 2 - sealed
    N+ - sealed

    Atari 2600 Carts
    Road Runner
    Atari Video Cube x2

    Sega Saturn Mod Chip (just the chip)

    PlayStation One System with Mod chip installed, Controller & hookups

    Card Games:
    Boss Monster
    Pixel Tactics

    Bionic Commando handbill Capcom official poster 8/12

    Nintendo Manual looking for:

    3-D World Runner
    Bandit Kings of Ancient China - Manual
    Bill & Ted's Excellent
    Captain Planet
    Casino Kid 2
    Darkwing Duck
    Destiny of an Emporer - Map
    Dragon Warrior - Map x2
    Dragon Warrior 2 Manual
    Dragon Warrior 2 Map
    Dragon Warrior 3 - Manual & Maps
    Final Fantasy - Both Maps
    Fischer Price I Can Remember
    Flying Dragon Secret Scroll
    Fun House
    Gengheis Khan - Map x2
    Ghostbusters II
    Harlem Globetrotters
    Jestsons, the
    Jurassic Park
    King's Knight
    King's Quest
    Kiwi Kraze x2
    Last Ninja
    Link - Map
    Maniac Mansion - poster
    Mega Man 5
    Panic Resturaunt
    Power Punch II
    Princess Tomato
    Quattro Adventure 4
    Rad Racer II
    Remote Control
    Romance of the Three Kindgoms - Map
    Roundball 2 on 2
    Shadow of the Ninja
    Shooting Range
    Solar Jetman
    Super Cars
    Super Pitfall
    Swamp Thing
    Tecmo Baseball
    Tiny Toon Cartoon Workshop
    Ultima 2 - Manual & Map
    Ultima 3 - Map
    Where in Time is Carmensandiego - Book & Manual
    Wizardry II
    Yo Noid!
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    bump, still looking

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