SEGA is releasing the original version of Sonic Mania physically to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Listings for all three appeared on GameStopís website priced at $19.99 for a November 5, 2019 release (UPDATE: some stores are now carrying it). It does not appear that this release will have any bonuses, like an art book or a Mega Drive/Genesis reversible cover. The content from the Plus release is not on disc, though should be available as DLC at an additional price.

Itís possible SEGA is doing this to fill the void of no new Sonic game in stores this Christmas season, and is piggybacking off of the recently released Mega Drive/Genesis Mini. Mini consoles and a budget priced Sonic Mania would make for great holiday purchases. Weíll share more info as we hear it!

UPDATE: Readers have spotted this release at retail, specifically Walmart, priced at $19.93.
I think this will be worth a significant amount of money in 20 years. So few copies will be sold thanks to a lot of contributing factors. This will result in there being only a few copies available for sale which collectors will pay a premium for in the future. Look at the prices of certain low-run items from the 1990's to see what I mean. Yes, some of them aren't the grandest games or the finest collector's items, but their rarity combined with their association with a popular or once-popular franchise makes their prices high now.