Im sure this topic has been asked before in the 15 year history of this forum and it may get merged so this topic starter may get lost in a sea of other comments when that happens but...

while I do appreciate the efforts to keep games going on Jaguar, Dreamcast, Genesis, I havent seen anything of the caliber that id actually want to play. The exception to this is Slave for the Dreamcast which I still have a deposit on.

Generally speaking I dont see the level of attention to detail and care put into these games or the packages that usually are a result of finite resources and money. Id much rather spend my money on some games I havent played on retro consoles that actually have great box art, full manual, non-broken gameplay, etc

the last one I did was 40 Winks on the N64 and I know it doesnt fit the same category but the game plays like a broken Banjo Kazooie and the packaging was awful. Piko really needs to step their game up.

Sydney Hunter looks quite good actually but as I am typing this I am not sure what format its on