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Thread: Good FPS on PS2?

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    Default Good FPS on PS2?

    This is a territory Im not well versed in. During this gen the only FPSs I played a decent amount were Halo and Agent Under Fire. I recently picked up Time Splitters 2 and good God does the aiming suck. The reticle should stay in the center of the screen when you move the right analog stick. this game is almost unplayable.

    There are some Id like to try. Kill Zone, Time Splitters: Future Perfect (if they fixed the aiming system), Red Faction. are any of these decent? I never tried the other 007s besides AUF. I tend to go for futuristic type FPSs. this is one area where I felt the Xbox had an advantage over PS2
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    I've really been wanting to play the Time Splitters games for awhile, I actually own all three on a couple different systems but never got around to playing them. I just bought the first one last week actually as someone was selling off a pile of PS2 games for a decent price and that's the one game I really wanted. I was hoping to find a copy for a few years.

    If I get around to playing the games soon I'll let you know, they were all pretty much FPS games so some must be decent. A few Medal of Honor games, 007 Nightfire, Area 51, XIII, etc. I was planning to just keep a few and sell off the rest as I don't have the space to really keep them. I wasn't sure if I would even bother trying them before selling most of them off. Most FPS games feel pretty generic or similar to me so I never got into the genre too heavily.

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