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All four have been out of production for 2-3 years at this point, but all have gotten game releases more recently than that:

Xbox 360: Ended production April 20, 2016. Last release Just Dance 2019, October 23, 2018. (FIFA 19 Legacy Edition was released September 28, 2018)

PS3: Ended production October 2016. Last release FIFA 19, September 28, 2018.

Wii U: Ended production January 31, 2017. Last release: There have been several "indie" type games released in 2019, but the last "big name" (meaning has its own Wikipedia article) game is Just Dance 2019 on October 23, 2018.

Wii: Ended production some time in 2017. Last release: Just Dance 2020, November 5, 2019. The last non-Just Dance game was Barbie and her Sisters: Puppy Rescue on November 20, 2015 (except for a game called "Let's Sing 2018) on October 20, 2017, which is in a similar genre to Just Dance)

In my opinion, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are "dead consoles". They haven't seen a release in more than a year. The mainstream places like Gamestop still sell them, although they go for very low prices and aren't allotted much store space.

The Wii U and Wii are more difficult. The Wii U is still getting non-"Just Dance" releases, although they're typically download-only and are from indie developers. The question is, are these games the tail-end of the Wii U's commercial lifespan, or the beginning of the "homebrew era". There are still games coming out for even the Atari 2600 and many older consoles, but those consoles are in the "homebrew era". I would certainly call games for Wii U in 2017 to be in its commercial lifespan and 2023 to be the homebrew era, but where is that line and have we crossed it?

The Wii is literally being held on by "Just Dance". It was discontinued in 2017, although it faded from the common modern gaming view years earlier. If it wasn't for Just Dance, the Wii would certainly be a dead console. For the Wii, the question is, does "Just Dance" mean that it's still alive, or is Ubisoft putting games on a dead console?