...And a lot of super common NES games?

Back in the late 2000s, if you paid a buck for a loose SMB/Duck Hunt cart, you overpaid. The idea of such a common cartridge with production numbers in the tens of millions going for even $5 was crazy. Other stuff like SMB 3 was dirt cheap too. Check out this comment from March 1, 2008, it implies that SMB 3 was going for about $2 at the time. (https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/s...46#post1331546). It's quadrupled in value in a little over 10 years. Price Charting says the average NES game was about $6 in 2008-2009. (https://www.pricecharting.com/console/nes). Now, only the cheapest games are around that price. What happened to the $2 or less NES game?