I'm sure some of you already know this, but the Sega Master System. As I type this, November 26, 2019, it's at 34 years and 37 days and counting since its launch as the Mark III in Japan. 12,455 days old. That's 72% of the time since the first home console came out (Magnavox Odyssey, mid-September 1972; since September 15, 1972, it's been 17,238 days or 47 years and 72 days)

Seriously, this thing came out when people who test drove the 2008 Honda Accord at that car's launch were being born, and it's still in production. The median age in Brazil is 32.6, which means that most Brazilians weren't even born yet when the Master System first came out. But it still soldiers on. It's not for lack of much newer video game technology available in Brazil. Much newer systems and games are available at a similar price as the Master System there. While Master Systems in Brazil never carried the Sega name, instead being called the "Tec Toy Master System", it's the same guts that date back to the mid-1980s and it plays many of the same games.

What keeps the venerable Master System going so well in Brazil?