Sooo... not sure where this topic should be, because I wanna talk Doom in general, which of course started as a PC game but also got tons of console ports (and one console-exclusive installment, Doom 64), and now the modern games are on pretty much everything.

So, I'll let the mods decide the proper place.


So I somehow got bored of Minecraft and, also somehow, wound up wanting to go back to the best game ever made.... Outrun 2006! Okay no, of course I mean Doom.

I've never believed strongly in the concept of games "aging." I will say though, if Doom ages then its in the same way some wines do: it only gets better as it gets older. I remember thinking this during the Half-Life days when every FPS (including Doom 3, which I used to hate but may now be warming up to) was trying to be story-driven and cinematic. It always boggled me that people considered Halo action-packed when you only ever fought three enemies at a time from one direction when in Doom you could fight dozens from all over the place (if you have Final Doom, load up the map "Go 2 It" for an example of just how crazy it can get).

Sadly I never got to play most of the console ports. I recently was given the Playstation version and bought the Nintendo 64 one for myself a few years back since that one isn't a port, but an original game. Kinda wish I had gotten the two GBA ports when they were easy to find, but then... if I want portable doom I can always load it up on a laptop.


What's your favorite Doom game? (This can include specific console versions)

If you use a Source Port to play on a modern PC, which one do you like best?

Are there any fan-made levels you'd recommend?

Out of personal curiosity, how well did Doom 3 translate to the original X-Box? (I never owned an X-Box)