Hi everyone,

Just wondering if it's still feasible to get an original NES adapter. I have NO clue where I placed mine, and now need one. I know I can use a third party adapter, but I will be honest, I don't trust them. Unless it's from a brand we all know and trust (at least one that is actually good and reliable), I rather use the original AC Adapter.

I honestly don't know how much they go for now, nor if it's even reasonable to get one. Heck, shipping might kill it as well.

What do you guys recommend? I don't know if this belongs here or on the Classic Gaming subforum, but NZ17 or any other mod, if you feel it's best, please move to the corresponding subforum.

Also might consider a good condition NES frontloader, but I fear those are even more expensive today.

What do you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance.