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Thread: Landstalker (Genesis) Not Playing

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    Default Landstalker (Genesis) Not Playing

    I've tried to get this cart working by:

    1: Cleaning contacts with Rubbing Alcohol.
    2: Cleaning contacts with metal polish. (This worked for several other games I bought in the same lot when rubbing alcohol didn't work.)
    3: I checked all of the contact tracings with my VOM. Everything I tested was OK.
    4: I checked the save battery. Even that still holds a charge but I'm not sure how much it should hold.
    5: I have 2 Genesis (Model 2) systems and it doesn't work in either one.

    Unless I missed something or the game got wiped out of existence by a power surge or something, I'm not sure why this game would not work. Any ideas?

    - Austin
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